Image of NGC5139 (LRGB) taken with ED81SII

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Image of NGC5139 (LRGB) taken with ED81SII

文章 LT » 週四 12 4月, 2018 10:17

Finished processing on that object taken during my trip to NZ a couple of weeks ago.

Telescope: Vixen ED81SII apo refractor + SD reducer HD kit @494mm F6.1
Mounting: Vixen AP non-goto mount with Star Book one controller
Camera: ZWO 1600 mono cooled
Total exposure: L=8x240s, R=G=B=8x300s
Autoguiding: 5cm guiding scope + Lodestar X2 guide cam + PHD2
Image acquisition software: SGPro

Vixen AP mount is very lightweight, about 3.8kg, and its size is quite small, but capable of carrying Vixen VSD100 F3.8 astrograph for deep sky imaging. I love this mount very much, though it is not a goto mount. Because it use USB-5V power supply and consumes very little current for operation. For imaging overseas, power supply is a big issue, if the observation site you stay at has no main supply to your astro gears. Moreover, more strict regulations on lithium batteries carried on the plane might come due to there are more and more fire accident happened on planes due to short circuit of lithium batteries these years.

If you know how to find deep sky objects with help of a star chart and finder scope, sometimes goto mount may not be necessary.

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Re: Image of NGC5139 (LRGB) taken with ED81SII

文章 anyone » 週四 12 4月, 2018 16:10

[想入非非] [Good Job]

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Re: Image of NGC5139 (LRGB) taken with ED81SII

文章 Subaru » 週四 12 4月, 2018 19:20

[Good Job]




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