Vixen 最新超廣角(83度)SSW系列目鏡 -- 接受預購

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Vixen 最新超廣角(83度)SSW系列目鏡 -- 接受預購

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Vixen最終推出她們的超廣角83度SSW系列目鏡(100% made in Japan) 。

#37121 SSW3.5mm (230g), #37122 SSW5mm (230g), #37123 SSW7mm (225g), #37124 SSW10mm (220g), #37125 SSW14mm (210g)

均一價:每只HK$1820. 任選三款: HK$5180.


-- 83 degrees ultra wide angle design with 7-element offers exceptionally wide apparent field of view.
-- Precious high-refractive and low-dispersion glass materials including lanthanum are abundantly used to correct diverse aberrations at very high level.
-- Extremely sharp star images are available over the entire field of view.
-- High transmission multi-coating over all the air-contacting lens surfaces in combination with special coating on the lens connecting surfaces deliver surprisingly high contrast and bright field of view. Optimization of barrel structure in synergy with up-do-date optical simulation excellently reduces ghost and flares for extraordinary clear field of view. (High transmission multi-coating: Less than 0.5% over visual range from 430nm to 690nm.)
-- 100% light volume is available over the entire 83 degrees apparent field of view without vignetting, even with fast F4 optics, offerring perfect brightness not only in the center but also to the edge.
-- It outperforms not only with fast F4 optics, but also with optics in bigger F-ratio.
-- The sturdy anodized aluminum body harmonizes with luxury color variation design arranged in order of a length of wavelength and focal length. (Ex. Violet = short wavelength = short focal length)
-- Unique anti-rolling rubber protection design with hexagonal barrel greatly assures handling comfort.
-- Drop-preventing sleeve design is applicable with both screw and compression ring type eyepiece adapter.
-- The retractable eyecup with rubber grip offers great viewing and handling comfort.




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