Asteroid 1603 Neva in Gemini

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Asteroid 1603 Neva in Gemini

文章 PTS » 週日 13 1月, 2019 21:20

Asteroid 1603 Neva in Gemini

About 115 minutes before the predicted time of occultation (17:43 UTC), the sky was 100% covered by cloud.
The target star (TYC-1334-846-1) was located at about 14:30 UTC. Soon after that, the asteroid was identified and image capture was started around 14:33 UTC, at 2 minute-intervals. A movie was prepared from 33 frames taken between 14:33-15:48 UTC.
In some of the good frames, stars down to mag. 15.5 are recorded.
exposure: 8 s
Telescope: 50-cm RC reflector at Hokoon
camera: ASI1600MM Pro (cooled to -10C mid way of the sequnce)
south is up and east to the left

Eddy So
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Re: Asteroid 1603 Neva in Gemini

文章 Eddy So » 週一 14 1月, 2019 20:09

[Good Job]


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