Blazar PKS 0716+71 in very bright active state

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Blazar PKS 0716+71 in very bright active state

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AAVSO Special Notice #396
January 19, 2015

Blazar PKS 0716+71 in very bright active state

The blazar PKS 0716+71 == S5 0716+71 is currently in a very bright active state, at a visual magnitude of 12.1 as observed by G. Poyner on
2015 January 19.212 (JD 2457041.712). The object was first noted in outburst by Arkharov et al. (ATel #6942, 17 January 2015), who noted the object at an R-band magnitude of 12.4 on January 14, and brighter still at R=11.8 on January 16. The object was likely fainter than 13.5 through at least 2015 January 13.9 (JD 2457036.4063), with a visual fainter than of <13.5 reported by A. Glez-Herrera (Ferrol, Spain). The object was then observed in bright outburst by Poyner, at a visual magnitude of 13.1 at 2015 January 16.965 (2457039.465). Several visual observations since then have put this blazar at or beyond its historical range, including the following: 12.4, JD 2457040.2778 and 2457040.4097 (K. Wenzel, Grossostheim, Germany); 12.2, JD 2457040.4736 (J. O'Neill, Massachusetts, United States); 12.4, JD 2457041.2674 (Wenzel); 12.3, JD
2457041.3819 (Wenzel); and the 12.1 estimate by Poyner noted above.
Continued monitoring of PKS 0716+71 during this outburst is encouraged.

PKS 0716+71 is located at the following (J2000) coordinates:

RA: 07 21 53.44 , Dec: +71 20 36.4

Both visual and filtered instrumental observations will be useful. The object is bright enough for spectroscopic observations, e.g. the report by R. Leadbeater on the ARAS website: ... f=6&t=1050

Blazar optical spectra are typically featureless, as they are dominated by continuum emission from the relativistic jets responsible for the optical light.

Please promptly report all observations to the AAVSO via WebObs using the name "PKS 0716+71".

This AAVSO Special Notice was prepared by M. Templeton.


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