Help! Losmandy G11 Slew Incorrectly and How To Use StarGPS?

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Help! Losmandy G11 Slew Incorrectly and How To Use StarGPS?

文章 tommy_tse » 週一 25 12月, 2006 13:45

I own a Losmandy G-11 with Gemini version 3 and I tried to set it up the first time. I bought this G-11 and Gemini about 18 months ago.

I tried it tonight with software Professional Sky6 and follow the Sky6 Help instructions to synchonize the Sky6 with the Gemini. Itsyncs but it moves the mount incorrectly.

I checked my location, UTC, and date (UTC and date are automatic downloaded from Sky6) inputs and they are all fine. I did the Sky6 sync and then Align Telescope | Synchonize | PC Object. It said "Aligned" on the hand controller panel LCD. So I should have done correctly. Sky6 moves the telescope N,E,S,W without problem (I tested it after it makes the wrong move on the mount); I also tried using the hand controller only. It also synchronizes with my chosen bright star (Sirius) and I tried "Goto M42" by hand controller. It failed and moved in the same direction and distance like how the Sky6 moved it wrong.

I have no problem synchronizing with my other Takahaski EM-200 with Sky6. I did the synchronizing like Takahashi where I have my OTA on the east of my mount. I wonder if I have to sychronize two objects instead of one (Takahashi needs one object only) to make the Gemini to move correctly. How to sycn two or more objects?

I also own a Rikaline StarGPS. I connect the StarGPS with a 6-pins round adapter with another end having a small phone jack adpater. I followed the instructions from StarGPS website and turn off Gemini until the StarGPS red LED is flashing. I then tried plugging the phone jack adapter into the RS232 slot but failed - the Gemini always said "GPS Timed Out!" after Query baud @4800 and Quaery baud@9600. I tried Menu | Setup | Geographic Location | Query GPS Rec. This also showed "GPS Timed Out!" How to use?

Tommy Tse

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文章 titan » 週一 25 12月, 2006 16:42

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