2018 May 13 Sun - double UFO transit

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2018 May 13 Sun - double UFO transit

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2018 May 13 Sun - double UFO transit

When I started observation, 2 very fast-moving UFO's transit the solar surface within 3 seconds.

As the slow motion is still unavailable, I have to continue with push or pull the telescope to put the image in field. This task becomes very tedious when working on close-up imaging, and I have to use very short exposures (thus high gain) to avoid blur images.

Telescope: AP Starfire EDT 155 mm f/9.
stopped to 80 mm (f/17.5) for disc images, with 4X telecentric lens (f/36) for closeups
filter: Solar Spectrum SO1.5/0.3A with CERF prefilter
Camera: ASI1600MM, 4656X3520 pixels (3.8 micron), binned 2
North is up, east is to the left.
Sun_00002 06_36_32Z.jpg
Sun_00002 06_36_32Z.jpg (100.08 KiB) 已瀏覽 190 次
Sun_00003 06_36_33Z.jpg
1st ufo
Sun_00003 06_36_33Z.jpg (101.26 KiB) 已瀏覽 190 次
Sun_00004 06_36_34Z.jpg
1st ufo
Sun_00004 06_36_34Z.jpg (105.21 KiB) 已瀏覽 190 次
Sun_00005 06_36_35Z.jpg
2nd ufo
Sun_00005 06_36_35Z.jpg (107.67 KiB) 已瀏覽 190 次
Sun_00006 06_36_35Z.jpg
2nd ufo
Sun_00006 06_36_35Z.jpg (107.17 KiB) 已瀏覽 190 次


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