Building Remote Observatory in school situated in the Peak

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Building Remote Observatory in school situated in the Peak

文章 astrostars » 週四 19 6月, 2014 14:47

Mr. Chan Yuk Lun,

I am the laboratory technician in one of the International School situated on the Peak.

My Physics teacher panel just asked me how much would it cost to build a remote robotic telescope on one of the roof of the school buildings.

I know you have a lot of experience on this in your school observatory. Can you give me any comment on this. Or could you provide any technical advice on this?


Watson (Astrostars)

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文章 Chanlunlun » 週五 20 6月, 2014 10:40

Dear Watson,

I am delighted to hear that another remote observatory will appear (am I correct ?) in local scondary school. This will undoubtedly promote astronomy.

The cost for one such obsevatory depends on how far you would like to go. It may cost from more than one million ( Paramount + RCOS24 incher + ASH metal dome ) to HK$ 50000 ( robodome + 8 inch SCT).

A practical suggestion is a 15 ft. ProDome (15 ft dome is the minimum dimension if students are allowed to get inside for visual/stand by the scope operation) + 14 inch Celestron HD SCT package, cost around HK$ 200,000.

A more ambitious approach is a 15 ft Prodome + Meade LX200 16 inch SCT package (this telescope is used by most universities and observatories around the world, you can't be seriously wrong in choosing this). Cost around HK$ 300,000.

Hope these help.

Chan Yuk Lun
20 June 2014


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