12VDC Power Adapters for sale

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12VDC Power Adapters for sale

文章 rockenrock » 週四 04 4月, 2019 12:00

For astronomy equipment, 12Vdc is the most common power supply voltage.
I have 50pcs power supply left over from a project. These are new in box, 12Vdc 3000ma (3A) with AC corsdet, 2mm (common size) pin plug output. Short adapter plug to convert 2mm male plug to 2mm female plug. 100 to 265Vac power input.
Noise filter on output cordset to reduce the electrical noise to your equipment. Rated for indoor use, so don't leave out in the rain.
Selling HK$40 per piece, or HK$1,500 for all 50 pcs.
Any questions?
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Re: 12VDC Power Adapters for sale

文章 astrostars » 週二 09 4月, 2019 13:38

I would like to buy one, how can I contact you and where can I get the equipment?


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